Automotive Dealer Sales Training

Increase Sales and Profit

At The McDavid Group, we’re not just a training company.

We help you create a sales culture that will allow your customers to buy as opposed to feeling as if they have been sold.

This data-driven approach is “geared” entirely toward today’s customers; our methodology creates a superior customer experience without sacrificing a single ounce of performance.

At The McDavid Group, we believe true success occurs when the Sales Department works in unison with the F&I Department. This “hand-in-glove” approach assures the highest level of customer experience and profitability.

The 20 Biggest Secrets of Sale

How to AVOID the MOST COMMON and the BIGGEST missteps that occur.

The Presentation of Numbers
Avoid the Noids…
“Is that the best you can do?”

The Manager’s rule of five

This innovative acclaimed series is designed to be fully completed in less than 60 non-consecutive minutes over the course of a day.

The Manager’s Rule of Five consist of the five most critical “steps” that should be completed BY EVERY MANAGER within your organization EVERY DAY. Most managers do some of these FIVE STEPS… some managers do most of these… but the VERY BEST LEADERS do ALL five steps EVERY SINGLE DAY!

One of the five everyday steps is: TRAIN EVERYDAY. Train your team every day. Training should never be an “event”. Training should occur every day. Training does not have to be 30 or 60 minutes in length. Training should NEVER be “remember to move fresh trades to the back lot” kind of stuff. Where cars are parked; are important to the overall day-to-day operation… but let’s not get the “house-keeping” stuff confused with training.
The Manager’s Rule of Five teaches your managers (GM to every manger the GM oversees) precisely how to execute each of the five steps in LESS than 15 minutes daily.

Had the pleasure of working with the McDavid Group for a few years. Elite and true professionals in their field who truly invest their time and knowledge in to those they work with. Hosie and Tim share a passion for what they do that’s amazing to see. The experience they bring to the table allows them to contribute to success regardless if you are a green pea or a seasoned veteran.”
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Steven S.

Have personally known some of the Professionals that make this company for over 30 years, it is a Great Professional Organization with tremendous experience in the field and the ability to listen and execute with flawless outcome for the business being serviced, I would recommend this company with the highest regards.”

Carlos C.

The McDavid Group provides phenomenal training! I love how Tim explained every single part of the process. Even when you think it’s hard, he makes it a lot easier for us. I’m so glad that I joined this group and hope I can come back to always learn more. Thanks to every single part of this company for giving us the opportunity to do our job a lot easier. Thanks again!

Jose M.

Driving Profit, Driving Results

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