Automotive Dealer Management Training

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Your managers set the tone for success every day

Are your managers delivering the necessary support, motivation, and accountability to align your sales goals with their teams’ daily priorities?

Transformational leadership is a team effort, with mutual trust between each team member serving as the foundation for success. Our "Rule of Five" training program instills a top-down culture of collaboration. This workshop, which is provided free of charge as a benefit of our partnership, identifies five small things managers can do every day to increase productivity, profitability, and professional development at every level in the company.

The curriculum for our "Rule of Five" workshop was developed after a thorough analysis of sales data from 92 of the largest, most profitable dealerships in the country. We also conducted interviews with some of the industry’s top performers to assess the contributing factors for their success. The end result of this exhaustive research is invaluable in its scope, yet simplistic in its implementation.

Our partners consistently cite the "Rule of Five" workshop as the catalyst for a 180-degree turn toward higher morale and a stronger company culture. All we ask is that you implement our program for 21 days. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Why Choose The McDavid Group?

" Had the pleasure of working with the McDavid Group for a few years. Elite and true professionals in their field who truly invest their time and knowledge in to those they work with. Hosie and Tim share a passion for what they do that's amazing to see. The experience they bring to the table allow them to contribute in your success regardless if you are a green pea or a seasoned veteran."

Steven S.

" Have personally know some of the Professionals that make this company for over 30 years, it is a Great Professional Organization with tremendous experience in the field and the ability to listen and execute with flawless outcome for the business being serviced, I would recommend this company with the highest regards."

Carlos C.

" The McDavid Group provides phenomenal training! I love how Tim explained every single part of the process. Even when you think it’s hard, he makes it a lot easier for us. I'm so glad that I joined this group and hope I can come back to always learn more. Thanks to every single part of this company for giving us the opportunity to do our job a lot easier. Thanks again!

Jose M.