The 20
Biggest Secrets Series

An accumulation of data and statistics, but it doesn't end there.

The 20 Biggest Secrets Series is an accumulation of data and statistics...
but it doesn't end there...observation phase...

Have you ever begun searching for a better way?

In many cases it DOES NOT require major changes. It is a conscious effort to change little things.

Maybe you're searching for a better sales process... a better desking process... or maybe you'd like to get better results from your finance department.

This thought process might lead you to start thinking about how some of the most successful dealerships do it.

We have taken the guesswork out of the equation.

Our highly acclaimed "20 Biggest Secrets" provides an in-depth look at precisely how the very best dealerships in the industry achieve and maintain success... and how you can, too.

A Few Examples

- What are the FIVE (5) things every manager should do every day?

- What step should every salesperson take just BEFORE presenting figures to a prospect?

- When should this occur?

- How many times?

- Why?

The 20 Biggest Secrets of


"Great leaders are strong, but not rude; they are kind, but not weak, bold, but not a bully; thoughtful, but not lazy; humble, but not timid; proud, but not arrogant; they have humor, but without folly."

Build an organization

Where you develop & promote
from within

your team

How refreshing would it be to never have to run a job ad for staff again?

the culture

Where everyone wants to come
work for you

Everything rises & falls with leadership.

The products that you sell are important
The process that you use is important
Having talented sales people is important
Having talented managers is important
Advertising is important

But nothing in your dealership is more important than leadership.

What are you doing to develop leaders within your organization?

Leaders reduce turnover and improve employee retention Employee retention improves customer retention
Leaders lift moral Moral produces more gross profit
Leaders develop a team A team will produce better than a group of individuals
Leaders build a culture Culture attracts the very best employees

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The 20 Biggest Secrets of


"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."
- Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington could have been talking about the automotive industry when he said those famous words.

"The 20 Biggest Secrets of Sales" focuses on some of the most common situations and scenarios that occur in every dealership, multiple times a day.

The following case study perfectly illustrates one of the "common things" Booker is referring to, and the impact confidence and credibility play in the outcome.

Case Study #27


Salespeople and Sales Managers


Dealership's sales/conference room

Study Group Size:

1,108 salespeople

Part One:

The audience is asked how important is it to demonstrate confidence and credibility when presenting figures to your prospect.

This six (6) month study ran from September 2015 through March 2016. The study group consisted of salespeople and sales managers throughout the Southeast and the Midwest.

A total of 1,108 salespeople were asked one simple "common" question. Keep in mind this exact scenario has been executed hundreds, if not thousands of times by most (if not all) of the participants.

Confidence and Credibility

We asked the audience in each scenario to use the exact same figures to present a variety of trade, money down, and term options.

Part Two:


Selling Price:






Down Payment:





48 Months

54 Months

60 Months

36 Months Lease

Question: "Who in the audience will present the following sales figures?"

The 20 Biggest Secrets of


"The Perfect Retention-Based F&I Process"

Which of the two scenarios would you prefer?

    1. Would you like to have the world's greatest F&I Manager working for you? Of course you would, but what if it came with the following caveat: everything that happens before your customer is introduced to F&I is a complete mess. The deal is desked poorly, the sales team makes wild promises they can't possibly keep, and an unrealistic interest rate is quoted to the customer. This makes for a real battle in the F&I Office and a low likelihood of success.

    2. Or, would you prefer to have a slightly above-average F&I Manager working for you - and this time, EVERYTHING that occurs before a customer is introduced to F&I is executed PERFECTLY? The deal has been structured properly, the sales team understands the importance of F&I, and F&I may even be involved in the entire process (as opposed to waiting for the next delivery). Finally, F&I will deliver a powerful, retention-based presentation - one that is both compliant and profitable.

The McDavid Group cannot necessarily promise to help find the world's greatest F&I Manager. But when your Retention-Based F&I Process is working to perfection, it is far more likely to achieve consistent AND long-term results.

In the end, The McDavid Group will teach your team a simple, easy-to-follow Retention-Based F&I Process, thus allowing you freedom from being held captive to one person or manager. Discover the benefits of being dependent on a process: The 20 Biggest Secrets of F&I.

A Manager's

Rule of Five

John Maxwell, the renowned leadership expert, speaker, and author, has written nearly 70 books on leadership. One of his best is The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth.

In the book, Maxwell identifies the "Law of Consistency" as one of the 15 laws. Here, Maxwell introduces the reader to part of his daily routine, and how his daily routines and habits include what he refers to as his daily "consistent." This principle is reflected in The Rule of Five (5).

Maxwell uses a tree and an ax to further emphasize and illustrate his point on consistency. Imagine a large tree in your yard; this tree must come down. The only tool you can use is an ax, and you are permitted to take exactly five swings every day. Eventually, this consistent approach will result in the tree coming down.

Most people would choose a chainsaw to take care of this task. After all, it would produce a faster way to complete this specific task. But, Maxwell argues, it is this same quick-fix mentality that falls short when it comes to realizing some of our monthly goals.

Part of the problem with any quick-fix strategy is a lack of consistency, which opens one up to a multitude of distractions that inevitably occur over the course of any day in our industry.

Most would agree, we are better served and more likely to realize our goals when there is consistency in our daily routines. With that stated, it is one thing to recognize the importance of consistency and another thing to have the discipline to implement it. Is it worth improving your team's consistency if it means reaching a few more of your common goals?


Simply put, The McDavid Group's highly acclaimed Manager's Rule of Five (5) provides your management team with an easy-to-follow, easily retained roadmap to the five things every manager should do every day.

This simple, daily plan leads your team to a more consistent, productive day. The Manager's Rule of Five will quickly become the foundation to more sales and greater profits.


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